So are you ready? Take your first step NOW toward making more money,
doing what you were meant to do, for people who truly love
and appreciate your gifts.

Early Bird Price: $997
Best Deal!


4-payment Option Price: $272
(billed 21 days apart)

Yes, Wendy! I am ready to have Clients and Cash Flow Infusion™
transform my business and finally help me realize the success
I’ve been dreaming about!
Who am I, why do I know this, and why should you listen to me?   

I’m Wendy Burge, a Radiant Marketing Expert, Divine Business Strategist,
and founder of Radiant Edge Consulting Ltd.

Like you I am a transformational service provider. I owned and operated a
6-figure multi-disciplinary wellness centre for over 15 years, I coached
chiropractic teams across Canada and the US, am the daughter of a chiro-
practor, was married to a chiropractor, and hold my certification as an
Art Therapist.

And I love transformational work--the possibility for personal growth, accountability & change.

Yet, I struggled for years to establish my own art therapy practice as a viable professional service.
I invested thousands of dollars in marketing courses and programs to learn everything I could.

But I never could quite get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together specifically for my service and how I needed to operate it without feeling like I was not selling out my soul.

Then one day while on the phone with yet another marketing program salesperson what he said in
our conversation was like a big ‘thunk’ on the head. “People don’t buy wellness, they buy from the point of pain!”

This got me thinking!

If marketing and sales was meant to create tension around the pain of their problems,
then provoking this pain just to get them to pull out their wallets is causing distress and distrust for both the prospective client and the service provider.

This felt completely counter-intuitive to the process of helping heal their problems in the first place.

There had to be a better way!

So I went back to the drawing board and started breaking down the marketing and business models
I had been taught using the principles that I knew worked for my industry & my life!

Here is what I came up with...

  • If pain is the point where it is expressed typically as a symptom, then understanding how to reframe "symptoms" as the real cost would be essential to get the person to want to do "the deeper work" instead of bartering over the price of the service.

  • Typically "pain symptoms" are blocks affecting a person's relationships, finances, and or health. This supresses personal growth and evolution. Getting the person to identify all the places where this symptom was showing up is essential to their interest in change.

  • Design a transformational experience that engages on a collaborative and supportive level with the intention of solving the specific problem the client has that creates richer value for them.

  • Getting the best help possbile requires an investment and is a nominal price in comparison to the real cost brought on by the pain of unfulfilled living so get clients to tap into their deeper purpose to experience growth.  

These concepts may sound familiar to you. But I bet you never imagined these principles could be applicable for marketing, sales, and as a business model.

Transformational Services work on growth, possibilty, and the evolution of a person's life expression, well business can too, so...

Why not build a business to do the same?

Are you are a healer, coach, practitioner, counsellor, therapsit, consultant or any other service based professional whose work can transform people's lives?

Then this really is an all-in-one package for you to create
Clients and Cash Flow Infusion TM in your business within 60 days. 

Finally an online bootcamp training & group coaching program with a step-by-step blueprint of everything you need to position your value,
build a community of ideal clients who desire your programs,
and boost your income by getting paid what your services are really worth!

Includes 7 Module Online Training & Live Q&A Coaching Calls Plus all the systems & strategies, swipe files, and templates and scripts to jumpstart your heart centered, service based business.

If you’ve struggled with the question “So what do you do?” then this course is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for! Imagine answering that question with confidence and clarity every time in any setting (rather than hating that question and always finding yourself stammering out an answer).

Come home from any event, dinner out, conference, or trip to the store with leads for potential new clients because people will instantly “get” what you do and how you can help them in just 30 seconds!

You will hear things like, “Wow, my best friend totally needs you, can I have your card?” or “My clients have been asking me for that exact thing, maybe we can set up a referral system?” or  “I was just telling my husband I need help with that, can we talk tomorrow?

Sounds great Wendy! But what’s this going to cost me?

Consider it an investment, because it is. It’s an investment in your future. No more wasting money paying for programs that aren’t worthwhile to you. No more financial suffering, because once you  put my training to work, you WILL know how to attract your ideal
clients and create cash infusions when you want.

And there’s no question you could make tens of  thousands of
dollars once you are positioned as an expert and attracting your
ideal clients to work with you in your own Signature High-End
Programs. My private VIP clients pay me four and five figures
to work through this EXACT same system!

But guess what? It’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars.

For a limited time you’ll only pay $997 (and I’ve even added a super-easy 4-payment plan to make it even easier to invest).

But the best part is how easy it’s going to be for you to make your investment back. How many private clients will it take for you to make your $997 back? 2? Or just 1? (If it’s more than that, then you REALLY need this program -  we’ll help you raise your rates without losing clients… honest!)

Let’s take a moment to flip it around. How much does it cost you when you end up compromising
your real value to people by holding back on your expertise and brilliance, continually working hard  for an hourly rate and taking those clients you know in your gut aren’t a good fit? Even if they don’t ask for a refund, how much is it costing you in mental energy to try and make them happy?

And after all that you have read here if your intuitive spirit is tugging at you with that niggly feeling in your stomach because it knows that this is the program you have been searching for to finally help you really claim your gifts you have to share with the world, position your expertise and create really enriching and transformative client experience and be paid what you are really worth then I want to give you one more reason to take inspired action…

       Carol Surbey - Healing Guide 

"Pulling my message out of me has helped me create better client offers,
master my enrollment conversations, and write additional programs that
are transforming my business!"

Before working with Wendy, I was lacking focus, but more importantly an
understanding--how to pull my message out of me, get it down on paper, and
use it to promote my business. 

Wendy and her Clients & Cash Flow Infusion Program was my key that opened the door. Her straight forward, simple process took all the guesswork out of the steps. Any questions I did have, she was there to walk me through the "should I's..." 

Her desire to see my success propelled me into writing additional programs like--Power of She that I am now promoting and is transforming my business.

Carol Surbey
Healing Guide
Master Matrix Energy Healer
Creator & Facilitator of the Power of S.H.E. series

Wendy Dewar Hughes - Summer Bay Press

"The result is I am making money now! I have made
$4000 in just under 30 days from learning Wendy's program!"

I meet people all the time who want to write and publish a book but I felt so
frustratebecause I didn't have a system to bridge the gap between what I knew
and what  people needed.

Having a VIP Intensive with Wendy gave me instant clarity and focus on how to build this bridge. We designed my offer and now it's much more succinct and easily delivered. It has given me something really tangible to present.

In the first month of working with Wendy, I created my first 45-day and 90-day signature programs and enrolled 4 highly motivated, ideal clients!

Right out of the gate, I gave a talk to a group of only 12 people. Six people immediately signed up for a Discovery Session with me and three of them turned into high-quality paying clients.

The result is I am making money now! I made $4000 in just under 30 days from learning Wendy's program and haven't slowed down since.

My focus has been the greatest shift for me. I know what I offer, I know what I can do for people, and now I know how to say it. I can tell people, this is how I can help with your specific needs and this is how we will make it happen. Packaging what I offer made it all so much easier.

Wendy Dewar Hughes
Artist, Writer, Publisher

Ken Flanders - New Business Navigators

"I am able to communicate my service offering in a clear and focused manner.
I am happy to say my business is engaging ideal prospects and clients much  better."

Transitioning my years of corporate experience into a marketable system was a
challenge. I struggled to pull all the elements necessary to create a compelling offer
as an independent consultant that showcased my years of knowledge. It was a much
different way of developing my work than I had done for years in my corporate position.

Working with Wendy I was able to formulate a complete system that clearly identified
and helped to develop what I actually offer within my signature system: Product Energizer Program.  I was able to clearly define the value of my program which helped to coordinate the marketing message and position.

Now I am able to communicate my service offering in a clear and focused manner. I am happy to say my business is engaging ideal prospects - clients much better.

Ken Flanders
Marketing & Sales Consultant
New Business Navigator

Module 2: Claim Your Core Expertise to Help Your Niche
“What value do you really hold for people?”    

Get the tools to claim your expertise, elevate your confidence, and comfort in being seen. Learn how to position your work to be most effective for the right kind of people who are disparately seeking someone like you to help them get the results they desire.

  • Uncover the common denominator to the core of your work. (You’ve been doing this in everything you have ever done!)
  • Finally let go of all the self doubts, critics in your head, and the ‘yeah buts’ in order to up level the visibility and viability of your work.
  • Discover how to create a Core Offer that will have people raising their hands to work with you even before you share the ‘how and how much’.
  • Learn the 6 areas of thinking that must be up-leveled to be an Expert and how these shifts create inspired action in you and your clients.

Includes:  Workbook & Templates

Finally discover and claim your Expertise—get this foundation right and all your marketing becomes easy. (Not knowing your Real Value IS a disservice to what all you can help people with.)

Craft your own Signature Program by identifying your exclusive step-by-step processes that taps into your education, skills, and innate gifts that help transform your clients' lives.

Tune into your Ideal Client’s frequency, join their wavelength and choose the words that inspire them to say “I need that!”

Laser-focus your Message so you attract the people you love to work with. (This involves learning how to say “no” to the ones you don’t, too!)

Find your own Authentic Marketing Voice instead of latching onto what someone else thinks ‘your market’ will like, or what will sell.

Discover your own Radiant Words, which you’ll immediately be able to incorporate into ALL your online and offline marketing materials (websites, brochures, sales letters, etc.) plus use them in your conversations with prospects and on the stage… AND in all your networking situations, too! Best part? It will feel SO natural and authentic! (Formulas and templates provided!)

Use a business model that evolves as you do in your experiences, that leverages your time and knowledge, energy!!

Build your confidence and conviction in the value of what you’re offering through the programs you create! Earn what you are worth, and what your Ideal Clients will be more than happy to pay you.

Develop your own unique Marketing Plan tailored specifically to you, your strengths and your Ideal Clients. (Stop listening to the “gurus” and searching for the “right” way! With this in place, you save time, energy and money. You get focused, maximizing results with less effort!)

Get the courage to charge what you are worth (and more). When you have the words to describe what you do for people, and you do it with confidence and conviction, something changes inside and you find yourself able raise your fees…a lot! (And when you don’t know how to describe what you do, you feel smaller, tend to discount or even give it away.)

Simplify your marketing so you can focus precisely on where your Ideal Clients hang out—this will save you hours of your precious time, not to mention hundreds of dollars.

Module 3: Mapping Out Your Signature System
“What problems do you solve that will attract ideal clients?”

Learn the step-by-step process of creating programs that capture your brilliance, value, and the results. Signature programs are essential for the evolving business model, creation of marketable content, and boosts in income acceleration.

  • Learn how to package all your knowledge, intuitive skills, and credentials into a role of leadership and expertise people are looking for to help them transform their lives.

  • Gain major credibility as your program is your propriety system able to distinguish you from the competition.
  • Create a system giving the step-by-step process to solving clients most pressing problems.
  • Understand why now you must shift your service and fees from an hourly rate to a high-end investment or this will sabotage your offer.
  • Build an Ideal Client Profile so you can tune into their frequency, use the words they want to hear, and know where to find them.
  • Experience the increased confidence in yourself and your work. You have a system that now creates repeatable results clients will love.

Includes:  Workbook & Templates and Samples

Module 4: Creating a Framework For Your Signature Program
“How to name, deliver, and price your program so people will buy it.”

Determine a multitude of delivery methods that ‘buck’ the old time hourly rate of service that better suits your needs by creating income generating opportunities. Further learn how to make people feel supported and confident  they have made the correct investment for themselves.

  • Avoid content creation overwhelm by leveraging your program in over 10 different ways!
  • Learn the three primary revenue generating levels in delivering your program and when it is best
    to implement them.
  • Establish a simple and intuitive method of pricing your program with integrity.
  • Get the formula for what to include in your high-end programs for your clients to receive the most value and without setting you up to over-deliver and for them to feel over-whelm.

Includes:  Workbook & Templates

Module 5: Enrolling Clients into Your Programs
“How to get people to raise their hands and say “Yes” to do the work!”

Learn to effectively market, enroll and fill your programs with easy and grace without ever feeling salesy. Discover how to easily create trust and value with marketing strategies that make working with you a complete no-brainer. These simple but effective marketing strategies that have the most impact and leverage your visibility and credibility

  • Locate where your ideal clients are hanging out. (Imagine—no more wondering where they are, you’ll KNOW exactly where to find them!
  • Strategize how you will show up there, in their hangout, and in such a way they won’t be able to resist working with you!
  • Learn how to “pre-qualify” people for your programs to get the best people for the best success! (You even get my very own script I use!)
  • Develop your marketing strategy and maximize your efforts creating more free time.
  • Specific Do’s and Don’ts for super enrollment results.

Includes:  Workbook & Templates and Scripts

Module 6: Creating Your Signature Expertise Platform
"Where to position your expertise to attract business opportunities."

Build your expertise and get in front of ideal clients using the three fastest and most effective positioning strategies: Networking, Speaking and Writing. Learn how to effectively use these marketing tools to rapidly grow your visability and credibility. No matter what other marketing  channels you pursue, blogging, video, workshop or lectures it will require you to communicate your message through speaking, writing or presenting confidently and clearly about your service and business.

  • Understand the real value of networking and what needs to happen to make it worth your time.
  • Establish your own writing style, vocabulary and context for keeping conversational yet professional.
  • Create your own signature talk based on your program to easily convert people into working with you. (By telling what they need to know, why they need to know it and you provide the "how-to")
  • Learn how to create offers in your writing, speaking and even if you meet people for the first time.
  • Translate your personal "mess" into your message by using your own story as a mission statement.
  • Understand how to apply these three tools into future marketing channels like blogs, videos, social media, workshops, lectures, book and more. (No matter what you must learn these three tools!)

Includes: Workbook & Templates

Q: I’ve tried other marketing programs with little to no success. What makes yours different?

A: A few things. First off, because I start where few other marketing program start — by helping you get clarity around the real value you offer! (Without clarity NOTHING works). Second, because this is NOT just another information product. This is a Coaching and Implementation program. I’ve carefully designed it to give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. You’ll have 1 Q&A sessions with me plus I created your own private online ‘business studio’ where I can support your efforts in positioning and crafting your content with my help and that of other participants through a exclusive participant forum.

Q: I don’t know if I’ll be able to raise my rates. My clients already have trouble with my fees.

A: I can’t tell you how many of my clients have said that to me, when in reality what their REAL problem was they didn’t have clarity on the real value they were able to really create, they didn’t have the right words to express what they did which meant they didn’t have the confidence they needed to ask for (and get) higher fees.

Q: So what will I walk away with after I’ve completed Clients and Cash Flow Infusion?

A: I’m so glad you asked! Most likely than not you’re going to walk away with so many breakthroughs and ah-has I don’t have room to list them all but here are the top 5 things:

1. Clarity around your expertise (which is where everything starts) and your own proprietary signature
system translated into marketable content. Once you get this, everything else falls into place.

2. Who EXACTLY you should be marketing to — your perfect, ideal clients who you love working with and
who love working with you (because finally they found a trusted guide to help them solve the problems they
have been struggling with!)

3. The words that will effortlessly and easily attract them to you. These words you’ll be able to easily add to
all your online and offline marketing materials (website, sales letters, brochures, business cards, etc.) PLUS
you’ll be able to use them in your sales conversations, on the stage when making an offer and in network
situations. And if that wasn’t enough, all these words will be in YOUR authentic voice, so it will feel natural
and authentic to use them in ANY situation.

4. The confidence to raise your fees to what they should be AND have your ideal clients happily pay them.

5. Your very own personalized business systems and marketing plan (no more wondering what you should
be doing, you’ll have the plan in hand to actually get something done!)

Your Online Business Tool Box All-In-One System
I hear about it all the time, you have invested thousands of dollars developing your skills, maybe honing your intuitive gifts, and tapping into the guidance of Divine Source to help you find your path of service.

In your soul you know you are meant to help people. It’s your passion—your purpose in life, NOW you want to make it your business!

However applying current business and marketing strategies to your transformational services just isnt working effectively and you are questioning why?

How do I know this? Because here are the symptoms...

  • You feel frustrated because as much as you LOVE what you do and are driven to help others,
    you can’t seem to find the right words to explain exactly what it is your work does because it sounds
    to “woo-woo” or the terminology for your work is so new people just don’t get it. If only your words could really connect with prospects so they knew exactly how you could help them!

  • You have revamped your marketing strategies, built your website, and you are doing everything the “experts” tell you… but new clients still are not rolling in your door and you are going deeper into debt trying to support your business. (Instead of it supporting you!)

  • You have given presentations, written articles, and/or had booths spending whole weekends of time speaking to people… but you still can’t get enough clients. You wonder: Where can they be and what do I need to do to get them to work with me?

  • Worst of all, the clients you DO get you barely can tolerate. Every time the phone rings and
    you know it’s them, your energy sinks because they are going to push your boundaries. But it’s even worse than that—some of them are so needy for your time to “heal them”—because they still don’t
    get how the process of your work “works” so they are complaining your service maybe did not help them…or they’ve even asked for refunds AFTER you’re turned yourself inside out to make them happy!

  • Now the BIGGY, you share how much your work and or service fees are then people all of a sudden say "I can’t afford that"—even though THEY SAID you could help them! So you discount your fees, time and results just because you need the business! Aurgh! (And it just picks at your soul because you begin to doubt your work becoming a sustainable business.)

  • You’ve done everything the marketing books and courses teach you, right? But somehow, it’s just not working for you. (And it’s not for a lack of effort!) Perhaps you have begun to ask yourself: “What’s missing? Should I try harder? Do I need to be certified in a new modality to give me more credibility? Is my expertise not solid enough to transform and help someone yet?”

Maybe you’ve even reached the end of the line. If you don’t turn this around soon, you might just have to give up on your dreams of helping people and find a “job”.

Because really, how can you keep spending money on a business that isn’t making any?

Stop right here ...... Breathe!
Let me say this! 

You are MORE than ready for your business to be successful!
A complete system that actually WORKS to get you CLEAR on your marketing and business strategies specifically developed for YOUR INDUSTRY...
Transformational Services
Let me shine my light of hope into your marketing darkness…

It’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything “wrong”.

The problem is that most marketing you have been taught and are replicating was not
developed for your kind of service work!

The ‘plug and play’ marketing you are using was developed for industries whose services--

  • do not require a collaborative client experience,
  • do not take clients deep to repair pain and problems,
  • do not require client accountability,
  • do not teach people the benefits of transformative change,
  • do not select clients to assure they are ready and willing to do the work necessary,
  • do not build a community of support for growth,
  • and does not utilize the innate wisdom of the Divine as a source of guidance!

The foundations of what you think you know about marketing and business is about to be turned on its head…

You see “Traditional” marketing and many business practices PUSH, PROBE, and PROVOKE the very same PAIN points in people that your services are trying to heal! 

Most sales, marketing, and business strategies you have been taught (directly or indirectly) are based on the ideas of Lack, Dependency, and a Hierarchy of Power.

This is a huge breach of VALUES for heart-centered entrepreneurs on so many levels!

And people feel this—You feel it. This is why it does not work for you.

In fact, NOT KNOWING this element will keep you bumping up against all the marketing
you are doing—because energetically there is a resistance.

So I created a toolbox for establishing the connection between principles and practice geared to help people in the manner I knew worked, helped to find my voice as an expert, and develop richly, transformative programs for people so we could really get to issues I could solve in their 'marketing voice' of service. Best of all, allowed me to incorporate the Divine principles I practiced and lived.

I was not a well known person AT ALL. In fact, I was a newly single mom – but after 1 month of applying everything I had been clarifying with my PRACTITIONERS for 15 years in my wellness centre…I designed, created and sold my first high ticket, transformative program in 31 days from start to first sale.

Then guess what… people started to come up to me at networking events asking for my help because they related to what I said in the 30-second statement I gave in my introduction… then I was being asked to speak as an expert on marketing for service based business.... from one 25 minute talk I sold over 4k in coaching programs. It blew my mind!

The difference?… I had invested in a mentor who helped me apply my knowledge into packaged content.
I had tried and tested out so many different models and strategies, I knew what worked for transformative service but now I was learning from one of the best mentors to help me refine how to help my clients do the same…so I took everything I've learned in the last 4 years, refined it and here I am delivering it to you in the Clients & Cash Flow InfusionTM Online Program.

"How Do I Know This Program Works?"
Because my clients tell me so...
What is Clients & Cash Flow InfusionTM?
Authentically Claim Your Voice of Expertise, Create High-End
Transformational Programs, and Attract High-Paying Clients Who Love Them and Will Gladly Pay for Them!

Clients and Cash Flow Infusion TM is on an online training program that is a step by step system of everything you need to gain clairty around your core value, to develop your signature solution and program, to get yourself out to the world and become an expert in your niche, to build a community and following of ideal clients who desire your program and the client attraction system to get in front of them, to develop high end offers that truly delivers the great value you have that people really do want. It’s that simple.

It’s full of strategies, swipe files, diagragms and plans, templates and scripts, email sequence suggestions, attraction and enrollment systems to attract your prospects and support your clients.

It really is an all-in-one package and to create Clients and Cash Flow Infusion in your business.
In Clients and Cash Flow Infusion™ Online Training & Coaching Program you will learn how to:
Breakdown of the Learning Modules
What You Get In The Bootcamp Program
24 / 7 Access to the Clients and Cash Flow Infusion Teaching Modules

Step by step training delivering everything you need to establish, create and sell your expertise platform and signature programs. Work on your business on your schedule, not mine. Best of all modules are delivered weekly so that you don't get overwhelmed. It is a system of course. ;-)

Action Sheets

Each module is filled with a workbook, templates, scripts and supporting documents to help you hit the ground running.

8 Live Q & A Calls with Wendy

Each week have a LIVE 60 minute group coaching call with Wendy to answer any questions. Bring your questions, learn from others, and share in the process and successes of how to maximize business growth using signature systems and high end programs. 

Mentoring 1 to 1 with Wendy

I want to see you succeed and I know every business is different, so you have weekly accountability
with me in your own private online portal where you can post your progress, challenges, questions, and success as you work through the modules. I will respond every Wednesday to guide and mentor you through this process. Yes! I read every weekly accountability posting and respond, personally.

Peer Support Online

Through the power of collobration and support by other heart-centered healers, coaches and service professionals you will be a part of the Clients and Cash Flow Infusion Private Facebook group who are like you...wanting to really expand their message and expertise into the world in a greater way.

Know this, Clients and Cash Flow Infusion is NOT just about piling more information on top of more information without any actual feedback and implementation.

You’re going to have a chance to ask questions, get the support you need with Q&A calls and have
your very own private online business studio where you will be given teaching tools and templates,
homework questions, and the ability to have private feedback on your own work from me personally.

  My Personal
"Your Happiness Gurarantee"
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be more than satisfied with Clients and Cash Flow Infusion, and if for some reason you aren't then I want to make sure you are happy.

Still wondering if Clients and Cash Flow Infusion™ is right for you?

Ask yourself this: Where will I be in three months time?

Will you still be struggling with your marketing? Not getting the clients you need to keep your
business alive because you cannot fully translate the real transformative value you offer?

Or, will you invest in yourself now, gain the clarity you must have to reposition expertise, programs
and all your marketing, and ultimately, change your life and increase your confidence.

P.S. How long are you going to struggle with marketing and a business model that’s not working for you?                 You won’t turn it around without the clarity I’ve been talking about!  Click here to sign up today
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Clients and Cash Flow Infusion™ Online Training and Coaching Program
If you’re like so many heart-centered, holistic entrepreneurs
it may be because you are struggling using marketing strategies (and quite possibly a business model)
that were not meant for your industry!

Jennifer Henczel

"I finally got clear on how to package my work into programs that freed
up my time and easily helped me enroll clients at fees 4X what I used to

My business had control over my life and I was working long hours to cover all the
add-on over delivering I was doing for my clients.

Using what I learned from Wendy I finally got clear on how to package my work into programs that freed up my time and easily helped me enroll clients at fees 4x what I used to charge. The greatest insight for me was my expertise is more valuable than an hourly rate.

I started looking at my own marketing and approach in a different way. This has lead to me stepping into a leadership role in my community where I was recently award with entrepreneurial excellence.

Jennifer Henczel
Marketing Maven & Network Founder
Influencer, Leader & Speaker

Module 1: Introduction to Clients & Cash Flow Infusion Model  

Understanding the basis of why what you have been doing isn't working and how to change this by re-engineering your model. Create and build a solid foundation to anchor your new knowledge in.

  • Learn the distinctive qualities that make transformational work unique and why it requires a new model.
  • Discover the more lucrative model  to positioning expertise than by the hour.
  • Clarify which marketing model works more effectively with transformational services.
  • Cement the knowledge of the 5 specific secrets that make transformation so unique and how to capitalize on this in your business and marketing.

Includes: Templates, Blueprint and Special Training Report 

Module 7: Launching Your Radiant Edge Expertise Business
"Putting all the pieces together to thrive and profit."

Wrapping this whole system up the final piece address the business of being in business. Learn how to plan out 30 day money goals, create follow up systems, and 90 day marketing planning. Get access to the tool and systems that help support, leverage and create ease when doing business as a solo professional.

  • Set up the most essential systems needed immediately using the Radiant Business Process Map.
  • Learn how to properly delegate and what tasks should be offered up first.
  • Capture testimonies that help you sell and champion your work with clients
  • Uncover additional revenue streams in your buisness with the Signature System Income Streams Map.
  • Use the Radiant Offer Marketing check list ot clearly stay in step with your programs and offer launches.

Includes: Workbook & Templates plus Action Blueprint

If this course does not meet
your expectations, just let me know
within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you 100% refund out of my own pocket.  
* Payments calculate from the date of checkout.
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